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Hughes & Kettner BK200 BassKick Series Bass Combo

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Hughes & Kettner BK200 BassKick Series Bass Combo

The Hughes & Kettner BK200 packs an advanced 200W power amp and a 15" speaker in a rugged combo package. It also adds modern features like an effects loop, headphone jack, a 4-band PureParallel EQ, and a switchable high-frequency Leson tweeter. The PureParallel EQ offers high- and low-midrange controls plus an individual circuit path for each EQ filter to help avoid noise and signal degradation. The big power amp and very efficient speaker setup delivers a tremendous amount of headroom so you get all the punch and projection you need.Hughes & Kettner's BassKick combo amps employ circuitry and features taken from the top-of-the-line Quantum bass amps. These bass combos have the Tube Touch input circuit for tube-worthy growl, advanced EQ, a DynaClip power amp, and efficient Eminence speakers while the BK200 and BK300 add a bass-frequency centered compressor.

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