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Behringer Ultrabass BX300 Bass Combo

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Behringer Ultrabass BX300 Bass Combo

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Behringer Ultracoustic ACX1000 2x60W Acoustic Amp

Behringer Ultrastack BG412H 4x12' Angled Guitar Speaker Cabinet

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Behringer Ultracoustic AT108 Acoustic Combo Amp

Behringer BX4500H Ultrabass Bass Head

Behringer ULTRABASS BT108 Bass Practice Combo

Behringer Ultrabass BX4210A 450W 2x10' Aluminum Cone Bass Combo

Behringer V-AMPIRE LX210 Guitar Combo Amp

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Behringer Ultrabass BX300 Bass Combo

The Behringer Ultrabass BX300 Bass Combo is perfect for practice and studio work. The BX300 features a 30W RMS amp in a bass reflex cabinet, a custom-made 10" speaker, and extremely musically active 3-band EQ. A tunable, switchable shape function adds tone-shaping capability and DYNAMIZER circuitry gives you punch at any volume. 2 inputs are provided for active or passive instruments. Stereo tape input. Power amp in. Preamp out for connection of an external amp and speakers. Headphone out.

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