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Aria Sinsonido AS-100C_SPL Classical Guitar

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Aria Sinsonido AS-100C_SPL Classical Guitar

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Aria Sinsonido AS-100C_SPL Classical Guitar

AS-100C/SPL Nylon String cutaway model Witness evolution in action for yourself. With its original concept and looks the new style Aria Sinsonido AS-100C/SPL is suitable to use as a travel guitar or for late night practising. AS-100C/SPL features a nut width of 46mm and a flat fingerboard for classical guitar players. Sinsonido is the Spanish word for silence. Body : The combination of the mahogany body and the frame provides a comfortable playability to guitarists. Not only that but you can use this guitar wherever and whenever you like, any time of the day or night Pickup : Special condenser microphone made by Wright Guitar Technology in U.S. Bridge & Tail piece : VBB-1and VBT-1 are mounted as a tailpiece and a bridge. Stereo Condenser Microphone + Built-in Stereo Preamp The secret behind Sinsonido's natural acoustic sound is in the innovative pickup developed by Wright Guitar Technology in U.S. Two condenser microphones inside the pick up sense the string vibrations in stereo and thus are able to produce more natural, 3-dimensional sounds of a real acoustic guitar, unlike the usual flat-sounding piezo pickups. 9V battery-operated preamp amplifies the stereo signal without affecting the sound of the pick up and puts out a clean, clear signal.