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Line6 Flextone III XL Guitar Amplifier

AER Alpha Acoustic Amplifier

AER Compact 60 Acoustic Amplifier

Ibanez IBZ10A Acoustic Amplifier

Kustom KAA16 16w Acoustic Amplifier

Laney A1 65w Acoustic Amplifier

Laney LA30C 30w Acoustic Amplifier

Laney LA65C 65w Acoustic Amplifier

Roland AC-60 Acoustic Chorus Amplifier

Hartke A100 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke A25 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke A35 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke A70 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke B150 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke B200 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke B300 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke B600 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke B900 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke VX3500 Series Bass Combo Amplifier

Ibanez IBZ10B Bass Guitar Amplifier

Kustom KBA 10w Bass Amplifier

Laney RB1 15w Bass Amplifier

Laney RB2 30w Bass Amplifier

Laney RB3 65w Bass Amplifier

Laney RB4 160w Bass Amplifier

Laney RB410 250w 4x10 Bass Cabinet

Laney RB5 120w Bass Amplifier

Laney RB6 165w Bass Amplifier

Laney RB7 300w 2x10 Bass Combo Amplifier

Laney RB8 300w Bass Amplifier

Laney VC15-110 Valve Amplifier

Laney VC30-210 Valve Amplifier

Line 6 Spider II-210 150w Guitar Combo Amplifier

Line 6 Spider II-30 30w Guitar Amplifier

Line6 Flextone III Guitar Amplifier

Line6 Flextone III XL Guitar Amplifier

Line6 Spider II HD 150w Head

Line6 Spider II-212 150w Guitar Combo Amplifier

Orange Crush 30R Guitar Combo Amplifier

Orange Rocker 30C All Valve Guitar Amplifier

Roland Cube-30 Guitar Amplifier

Roland Cube-60 Guitar Amplifier

Vox AC15CC1 1x12 Valve Combo Amplifier

Vox AD120VT 120w Stereo Combo Amplifier

Vox AD120VTX NeoDog Combo Guitar Amplifier

Vox AD30VT Valvetronix Guitar Amplifier

Vox AD50VT Valvetronix Guitar Amplifier

Vox AD60VT 60W Combo Amplifier

Vox AD60VTX Valvetronix Combo Amplifier

BB Blaster 10W Amplifier

C-Tech Pocket Rock-it Portable Practice Amp for Guitar or Bass

C-Tech Pocket Rockit V2 for Guitar

Fender Bullet 150 DSP Guitar Amplifier

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Hiwatt 10w Spitfire Electric Guitar Amplifier

Ibanez IBZ10G Guitar Amplifier

Kustom KGA10FX 10 Watt Amp

Laney LG12 10w Guitar Amplifier

Laney LX12 10w Guitar Amplifier

Laney MXD15 15w DSP Guitar Amp

Line 6 Spider II-15 15w Guitar Amplifier

Pignose Legendary 7-100 5w Amplifier

Roland Cube-15 Guitar Amplifier

Roland Microcube Guitar Amplifier

Roland Microcube-R Limited Edition Amp

Smokey Amp - Deluxe

Smokey Amp - Sparkle

Vox AD15VT Valvetronix Guitar Amplifier

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Line6 Flextone III XL Guitar Amplifier

Get serious about your tone! The all new Flextone III XL has it all -- amp tone from Line 6's flagship Vetta, effects adapted from the award-winning MM4 and DL4 stomp box modelers, 16 classic Reverb types, and Line 6's exclusive A.I.R. II direct recording technology. With the Flextone III XL, you can capture unlimited tonal possibilities by taking Line 6's incredible modeling technology, adding 150-watts of power and blasting it through two 12-inch speakers. With the introduction of the Flextone series, Line 6 has combined the power of their unique modeling technology with the simplicity of a classic combo amp. In one amp, you've got everything you'd need to gig, rehearse, or even tour the world. Amps & Cabs Flextone III's soul is its remarkable collection of Amp and Cabinet models—resulting from Line 6's meticulous study of a dream collection of vintage and modern amplifiers and cabinets. Flextone III XL features 32 groundbreaking amp models built from the same amp technology found in Line 6's flagship Vetta amplifier. They've even added all new models based on a 1963 Fender Vibroverb, Bogner Extacy, Cornford mk50h, and a 1985 Marshall Silver Jubilee. Effects The Flextone III XL features effects from a bunch of great stomp box models from the Line 6 MM4 Modulation Modeler and DL4 Delay Modeler pedals. You'll get instant access to models based on the Maestro EP-1 Echoplex, Roland Space Echo, Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, MXR Phase 90, Uni-Vibe, and Leslie 145. There's even a dedicated Compressor and Gate. And it doesn’t stop there. You also get 16 classic reverb types ranging from Plate and Chamber to vintage Spring. Features 32 Vetta-based amp models 12 Effects based on our award-winning stomp box modelers 16 Mix 'n' Match Speaker Cab options Award-winning Point-to-Point modeling technology 2x12 touring quality cabinet Powerful 150-watt stereo power amps 4 programmable amp channel memories Stereo XLR direct outputs MIDI compatibility allowing access to deep editing and the library