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Schecter Stiletto Elite-5 Bass Black Cherry

Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-4 Bass Black

Schecter Omen-4 4-String Bass Gloss Black Chrome Hardware

Schecter Omen-4 4-String Bass Walnut Satin Black Hardware

Schecter Omen-5 5-String Bass Gloss Black

Schecter Omen-5 5-String Bass Walnut Satin

Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-5 Bass Black

Schecter Omen 8 8-String Bass Gloss Black

Schecter Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Natural Satin

Schecter C-4 4-String Bass Antique Amber

Schecter C-4 4-String Bass Black Cherry

Schecter C-5 5-String Bass Antique Amber

Schecter C-5 5-String Bass Black Cherry

Schecter Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Natural Satin

Schecter Scorpion Bass Black Satin

Schecter Stiletto Elite-5 Bass Black Cherry

Schecter Stiletto Elite-5 Bass Honey Burst

Schecter Stiletto Elite-4 Bass Black Cherry

Schecter Stiletto Elite-4 Bass Honey Burst

Schecter Stilleto 5-String Studio Honey Satin

Schecter Exotic 4-String Bass Flame Maple

Schecter Exotic 4-String Bass Zebra Wood

Schecter Bass Guitars For Sale

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Schecter Stiletto Elite-5 Bass Black Cherry

The elegant Elite pulls out all the stops with neck-thru-body, multi-laminate construction and high-end appointments. The top is quilted maple with mahogany wings. It features the S-Tek bridge, EMG HZ pickups, 2-band active EQ, neck binding, dual diamond 12th fret inlays, and gold hardware. Has an extended 35" scale neck for increased low 'B' clarity.

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