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Yamaha BBT500H 500W Digital Bass Amp Head

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Yamaha BBT500H 500W Digital Bass Amp Head

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Yamaha BBT500-115 500W 1x15 Bass Combo

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Yamaha BBT500H 500W Digital Bass Amp Head

Delivers 500 punchy, class-D watts into 2 cabs, yet it weighs less than 11 pounds! Select from 11 of your favorite bass amp sounds, dial up the programmable parametric EQ and compressor, and store your favorite combinations to 5 front-panel presets. Add to that a noise gate, parallel effects loop, speaker simulator, MIDI capability, variable crossover, headphone and tuner outs, and you've got one heavy package--figuratively speaking. Musician's Friend has BBT cabs, designed to match the BBT500H perfectly. They're available in a single 10" cab, a 2 x 10" cab, and a 4 x 10" cab.

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