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Tech 21 SansAmp XDI

The XDI is an instrument interface for SansAmp direct recording Pro Tools software. Advanced, low noise F.E.T. technology provides a natural, transparent guitar signal to your computer. 2 outputs: a balanced XLR and a Lo-Z 1/4", which eliminates the need for an XLR converter for soundcards that accept an unbalanced input. 2 - 1/4" inputs: Normal and Bright. Faithful to the original design of traditional tube amplifiers, these 1/4" inputs are high impedance one megohm. The Bright input simulates the EQ curve found in traditional tube amplifiers with bright inputs. For general purposes, it can also function as a standard transparent active direct box to preserve signal integrity when transmitting a signal over long cable lengths. Operates on phantom power, 9V battery, or power supply.

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